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Our Policy

"Teca Dent Instruments" quotations are always without obligation. Agreement and arrangement made orally or by telephone with our representatives become legally valid only if approved in writing by us. Deviations in the orders placed by the purchaser from our terms of delivery and payment shall not be binding for us if we have not expressed our consent in writing. We shall be permitted expressly and in all cases to correct eventual errors in offers and invoices at a later point in time.

Acceptance: These terms and conditions of sale, together with information contained in Sellers written product order, quotation, acknowledgment and/or invoice, shall constitute the entire agreement and understanding of Seller and Buyer for the purchase and sale of Seller’s products. Buyer must review acknowledgment for accuracy, and notify Seller immediately of any discrepancies. Buyers acceptance of delivery of or payment for any product will constitute Buyers acceptance of all terms and conditions of sale.

Shipment: The goods shall always, regardless of route and transportation means, be shipped to the place of destination at the risk of the purchaser. Traffic duties, if not accruing to us in the case of freight paid FOB and CIF deliveries, shall be borne by the purchaser unless, due to statutory regulations, the seller must bear traffic duties alone.

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